Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Porky back on the oxys or WHAT?!

It's been 10 minutes since I read this and I'm still LMGDAO! Good on for this:

Rush Limbaugh: The Republican Party Is "Today's Oppressed Minority"

Wed May 27, 2009 at 05:02:04 PM PDT

From the titular head of the Republican Party:

"If ever a civil rights movement was needed in America, it is for the Republican Party. If ever we needed to start marching for freedom and constitutional rights, it's for the Republican Party. The Republican Party is today's oppressed minority, and it know how to behave as one." The GOP, Rush continued, know to go to the "back of the bus" and drink from the right water fountain. Rush then assured us that he is an "intellectual," whereas Obama is a "narcissist." And just in case you're not sure what that means, Rush elaborated: "He's like Narcissus." Washington, D.C., Rush concluded, is the "Old South" for Republicans, and they are comfortable being an "oppressed minority."

Please mock and deride.


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