Sunday, May 10, 2009

LMGDAO! Trent explains Jane's closing the shows, then some dorko replies AND GETS OWNED!

This is 100% TRUE! From,666853 if ya don't believe me!

Trent Reznor:

Hey guys-

This will likely be my last explanation of this, so feel free to post this around wherever.

Regarding the NIN/JA tour:
It was my idea, decision and job to convince all parties (from my own band to Janes') to play before JA. Here is why. We've become tired of the "formal", very structured LITS (Lu Cifer note: LITS = Lights In The Sky, name of 2008 NIN tour...yeah, I had to look it up!) - type production and way of presenting the band. The idea of walking onstage as the sun is about to set and play a bunch of unexpected material that's exciting for us to play without the bogged-down, flashy production appeals to me. You get to see us in a way you haven't before. Yes, it's different. Yes, the set lists will amaze some and bum-out many others. Everyone had ample opportunities to see LITS, and that era is over. We play our set leading you into the evening bathed in only white light in a physically tight setup, then Jane's come out in full color and openness. The challenge for us is greater, the set feels much riskier (especially with the challenging flow of the set lists I'm making) and that makes it exciting and valid for us.
The NIN/JA tour is generally geared more towards the hardcore NIN fan. We're not trying to play the greatest hits - we've done that over and over. Don't expect the same shit every night - that's why I relaxed the camera / recording policy. You'll likely be able to find what you want out there somewhere, from wherever. I'm treating these last shows as individual, finite, precious events that I'm sure will result in some polarization of your responses.

See you out there.

Some douche responds:

Wish you told me this BEFORE I bought my ticket.

To which TR replies:

I'll refund your ticket asshole. PM me.

BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Motherfucker has a whip for a mind! This, and the show, has only made me MORE of a NIN superfan!

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