Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More from NINJA that I forgot!

I've like to extend my sinceriest thanks to the gay dude Kevin from Miami who bought me a SHIT load of drinks at NIN / JANE'S! I guess he never knew anybody from Central FL who DIDN'T just wanna blow up gay bars, vote retardliKKKlan, and shit! I mean fuck, hello, notice the Queen & Paul Rodgers shirt?! Guess my LEOPARD PRINT HAT wasn't enough either. And the HAWT Cuban chick Missy too! Nice B cups...I MEAN CUPS OF BEER! Remember, Cuban CHICKS don't have to hate homos. But the GUYS, THAT'S DIFFERENT! I mean whatever. But really, it does seem like most of America has gotten over this OH MY GOD THE FAGS ARE TAKING OVER bullshit. BTW, Rev. Lu Cifer IS available to perform your gay wedding! Call me: 1-800-666-1313! (NOT a REAL fone #...well maybe it IS but it's NOT mine! Sadly!) And all the FREE drinks everyone else bought me, or left over! Ask me why I waited an hour or 2 to drive home after the show. Ok, other than the parking deal being a real BITCH! But, while waiting for the psychotic masses to get done fighting each other go get out, I ate an orange I grew myself, enjoyed the BBQ from the car next to me--fucking awesome y'all!--and caught up on "HAYDUKE LIVES" the sequel to the FUCKING AWESOME CLASSIC "The Monkey Wrench Gang" by THE MAN Edward Abbey. Where the fuck are liberal libertairans like him anymores?! I know I know, sounds like a total contradiction. I guess I'm carbon-dating myself here! :P Plus it was nice to be able to GASP read a book after a show and NOT have everyone give me shit. Jane's & NIN fans...actually OPEN MINDED!

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