Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 things

1) Why is there NO discussion of ROLLING BACK THE REAGAN TAX CUTS ON THE RICH!??!?!?!!??! Actually, fuck that, ROLL BACK THE KENNEDY TAX CUTS ON THE RICH, AND MAKE THEM WHAT THEY WERE WHEN EISENHOWER, A REPUBLICAN, WAS PRESIDENT! Anybody here know what those rates were? Here's the deal: whatever you made AFTER $3.2 million in TODAY'S dollars was taxed at a rate of 91%!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Why is there NO discussion as to why NPR fucking CENSORED their reporter, who was going to report that the other 36 CIVILIZED industrialized countries that have health care for all (and y'all know by now the US of A is the one that DOES NOT) it is a FELONY for insurance companies to MAKE A PROFIT ON PRIMARY HEALTH CARE. Is it also a coincidence that NPR is sponsored by INSURANCE COMPANIES? Ask yourself this, have YOU heard the "liberal" media mention this? I mean other than Thom Hartmann...

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