Sunday, August 23, 2009

No new Neil Rogers tale to tell! Sadly.

Well this royally sucks donkey scrotums!

From Baron Von Bunghole:
A Sun Sentinel reader seeks info on Neil Rogers and doesn't really get any........

What is the real story with Neil Rogers? Where is he going? Hopefully satellite. Neil and Hank would be a great six-hour block for somebody. — S.S., e-mail

There is no real story. The management of WQAM made life miserable for Neil until he was willing to take a buyout. It was a huge payoff, which gives him the luxury of never having to work again. He and Hank Goldberg would make a great six-hour block. Everyone but the brass at WQAM knows that. But Neil says he is retired and Hank is busy working for ESPN on horse racing and making football picks.

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