Friday, August 7, 2009


Aw motherbuttfuck you godfuckingdamn asshole astro-turfer jackasses who keep fucking up town-hall meetings. You dumbass sons of bitches are beyond contempt. What is WRONG with you fucking people anyways?! How does it FEEL to wake up every day, look in the mirror, and realize YOU'RE A FUCKING WHORE for Big Phrama/Insurance?! Yeah, that's right, bitches. That's EXACTLY what you are. Hey, nobody FORCED you to take their money to go to these meetings and shout down Democrats who ARE TRYING TO GET HEALTH CARE (albeit NOT Single Payer, which is a WHOLE OTHER TOPIC!) passed, so that MAYBE assholes like YOU could get a fucking BREAK and not go BANKRUPT if you should happen to have a serious medical issue. Don't you get it, morons?! You're being USED. And if the day should come that one of you asswipes should bring a gun to one of these meetings and use it, good luck to you. It's only a fucking matter of time with all the HATE spewed forth by the shitbags on Fux Nukes and oxyRU$Hitler and his 900 scumbag clone shows. Then your shitty little cause it truly FUCKED.
And PLEASE shut the FUCK up about SOCIALIZED MEDICINE! First off, we could ONLY be so lucky. AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE is goddamn NOT the same as SOCIALIZED MEDICINE! Is that SO hard to understand?! Secondly, WE ALREADY HAVE SOCIALIZED MEDICINE IN THIS COUNTRY! MUST I remind you goddamn stupid KKKons of: Medicare! Medicaid! The VA! As well as SOCIALIZED MEDICAL CARE for POLICE, FIRE FIGHTERS, THE MILITARY, etc.?!?!!? Oh but if YOU stupid bastard ball-sniffers had YOUR way, you'd get rid of that too, even if it means YOU'D LOSE COVERAGE! Gotta FIGHT SOCIALISM!!! Idiots.
It's just sad that you WILL hurt and/or kill innocent people in the process.


Dear Lu,

Things are turning ugly. Town halls, which typically serve as open, safe environments to ask questions of elected officials, have degenerated into violent shouting matches.

Last night in St. Louis, Missouri, a reverend and staff member of SEIU was assaulted at a town hall. The incident, along with a town hall in Tampa, Florida, has been all over the radio and cable news shows. GOP operatives are rushing to paint it as SEIU "thug" violence. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Watch the video with footage from these events:

Cable news channels are broadcasting images of neighbors turning against one another in chaotic, sometimes frightening town hall meetings. Incited by extremist radio and TV hosts, "teabagger" protesters are yelling and chanting talking points that span from radicalism to racism.

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Enough is enough. Click here to sign a pledge for civil, honest debates about health care reform:

It is extremely discouraging to see people treating one another like this. And it's a reminder of how GOP scare-tactics ("the government will kill the elderly,!" "the government will choose your doctors!" or "the government will ration care!") use fear to overpower the truth.

We are at a turning point. To succeed, we will continue to elevate this conversation, distinguish ourselves from the opposition, and speak to our fellow Americans with respect and dignity. Where we disagree, we'll invite discussion. And when we agree, we'll work together toward a solution.

That's the only way we're going to solve our nation's health care crisis. When it comes to quality, affordable health care, the stakes are too high to let shouting run the show.

Thanks for standing up,

L. Toni Lewis, MD
SEIU Healthcare

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