Thursday, August 6, 2009

Headlines from Hell!

Journalists Leave North Korea with Clinton

Makes you wonder how this would have gone down is McHoover & The Ho From Wasila were in the White House instead, don't it?!

Nissan Rolls Out Zero-Emission Car

Don't worry, the scumbag car companies & shit-eating oil companies will find a way to squash this.

Obama Supporters Counter Shout-Down Mob

I love these asshole KKKons who are PAID to fuck up town hall meetings. Talk about shitheads. Glad to see people are giving it back to 'em!

Job Losses Highest in South

And you can thank that goddamn "right to work state" bullshit for this.

Feds Seize Creation Science Theme Park

A THEME PARK?! Seriously?!

Death Threats Against President Up 400%

Don't these fucking stupid asshats realize their shit can be TRACED??!!?!?

William Jefferson Found Guilty of Bribery

One Democrat guilty of sleazy shit, meanwhile HOW MANY REPUKES ARE? Let's at least TRY to keep shit in perspective, please.

Repubs Seek Black Panther Prosecution


Iran Holds 3 Americans for Crossing Border

Another job for Bill Clinton huh?

Global Swine Flu Deaths Top 1,100

Out of 6.7 BILLION people, you call this a fucking EPIDEMIC? WRONG. I call it FEAR-MONGERING. How many people died of AIDS in just THIS YEAR??? How about CANCER? And on and on. BUT NO! "BEWARE OF THE SWINE FLU!" Fuck off.

Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast

Now, it's ok if WE patrol THEIR coast, but don't you DARE patrol OURS, right?! Isn't that how it works?

Jobless Graduate Sues College

Not a bad idea!

Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder

GOOD. I say jail EVERYONE who's with Blackwater. Fucking cowardly murderers.

Polls: 37 States Dem, 8 States Repub

HA HA! Well, no wonder the Repukes are so batshit crazy lately...well more so than usual that is.

Save the Planet: Have Fewer Kids

I've been saying this for YEARS, hell DECADES. This planet is OVER POPULATED. It's time to learn what BIRTH CONTROL IS!

Squeaky Fromme Paroled

YAY! Another crazy person is loose! All y'all who worship Charlie, please GET A LIFE!

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