Thursday, August 27, 2009

If you’re judging Ted Kennedy, you’re judging Laura Bush too. Remember that.

by Steve Marmel | August 26th, 2009

There’s been no shortage of reminders that Ted Kennedy lived a flawed life. Fair enough. He did. Did his good out balance his bad? As someone who did more than his share of Ted Kennedy jokes while he was alive (and regrets none of them) I think it’s safe to say “yes.”

But for the select few in this highly partisan time that couldn’t wait for the body to be cold to start trying to dance on the grave, here’s a little clip from Family Guy for you.

That’s right. Laura Bush did the same thing. Not as famous, not as known, but just as horrible.


From the Daily news when the Family Guy clip ran:

Rumors have swirled since the crash was first reported that Mrs. Bush may have been criminally negligent (i.e. that she may have been drinking) at the time of the crash, but no chargers were filed and no evidence of wrong-doing was recorded.

Laura Bush is certainly not the first political figure to be skewered by the show – recent plots linked Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin to Nazis. It has mocked slavery, the disabled, the women’s movement, obesity and pretty much any other sensitive or controversial issue you could possibly think of.

Will it show President-elect Barack Obama the same (dis)respect? We’ll see.

That’s the Daily News’ question.

Here’s mine - to the Twitterati jumping all over this, to the bitter right bringing it up in their facebook statuses… Does it wash backwards? If you can say you have the same bitterness to Laura Bush as you do for Ted Kennedy, then fine - have at it. Add your hash tags and comments. I will accept, at face value, that you look at everyone with this on their record equally, and you have the same venom regardless of political identity.

But if you can’t see it on both sides, then let the man have a little peace in his death, and let his story be told as a tapestry of decades, not one single, horrifying incident.

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