Saturday, August 1, 2009

Headlines from Hell!

Poll: 58% of Repubs Are Birthers

Really? I would have thought it was 100% since all repukes are INSANE & RETARDED!

Obama, Gates, Cop Talk Over Beer

Odd, I thought BU$Hilter was the one everybody said they'd like to have a beer with...

Anti-Muslim Group Banned by Library

HA HA! Good. Go back to your crossburning!

Dan Rather Asks Obama to Save Journalism

Might be a tad too late on that one...

Maher: Birthers Must Be Stopped

Don't worry, eventually they'll evolve away...

Recession Eases, GDP Better Than Expected

So that just means the Repukes will find a way to fuck shit up some more so Obama will fail...
Austrian Village Tired of Fucking

WHAT?!?!?!?! Are y'all insane?!?!?

NO SHIT!!!!!!!

Faith Healer Lets Daughter Die of Untreated Diabetes

I guess this asshole didn't pray enough...

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