Saturday, August 1, 2009

Southern whites overwhelmingly Birthers

Ok, this is from the NO SERIOUSLY WTF?! file! I swear to hellfire, I wish I could organize a NEO-CON CATTLE DRIVE and run these motherfuckers into the Gulf Of Mexico--may as well there, since it's the most polluted area already...

Southern whites overwhelmingly Birthers

Sat Aug 01, 2009 at 08:32:03 AM PDT

Dave Weigel does some additional number crunching of our Birther poll:

According to Del Ali of Research 2000, if you excluded those people from the poll—if you look only at white voters in the South—the number of people who doubt Obama’s citizenship is higher than the 47 percent figure that has grabbed headlines today. "There was no deviation in the number of black, Hispanic, and other voters from one region of the country to another," Ali told TWI. In the South, like everywhere else, the vast majority of non-white voters said that Obama was born in the United States; 97 percent of black voters, 87 percent of Hispanic voters, and 88 percent of other minorities. The extremely low overall percentage? That’s due to white Southerners, who dragged down the average with an extremely high level of doubt about Obama.

So what proportion of Southern whites doubt that Obama is an American citizen? While Ali did not release the racial breakdowns for the the South, and cautioned that the margin of error in the smaller sample of 720 people would be larger than the national margin of error (2 percent), the percent of white Southern voters may be higher than 70 percent. More than 30 percent of the people polled in the South were non-white, and very few of them told pollsters that they had questions about Obama’s citizenship. In order for white voters to drive the South’s "don’t know" number to 30 percent and it’s "born outside the United States" number to 23 percent, as many as three-quarters of Southern whites told pollsters that they didn’t know where Obama was born.

Holy freakin' crap.

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