Sunday, August 23, 2009

Motherbuttfuck Joe Liebushblower

Get this, now this toadlicker is saying there's NO REASON to deal with the uninsured until after the recession is over. Jesus shit dildo he is SUCH a sack of shit! I mean even repukelicans wouldn't fucking be THAT insenstive, you PRICK. I hate this bastard. He really needs to go move to Israel since he's more loyal to them than he is to the USA. LIKE IT OR LEAVE IT JOE. Ya know, he's such a "professional Jew" (there's no other nicer way to put it) that it is just beyond sickening. He kisses ass to the xian wingtards who want all Jews DEAD, which makes a LOT OF SENSE. Then he sells out the Democratic Party because HE is the most important thing to ever live and HAD to get fucking reelected to the Senate. (Thanks Connecticut!) What is wrong with people? Why can't they get over their goddamn religion and stop thinking their made up bullshit fairy tales are FACTS???

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