Friday, September 21, 2007

Book recommendation!


I cannot possibly emphasis enough how DISGRACEFUL AND SHAMEFUL how UNDER RATED she is and Democracy Now! should be on FM EVERYWHERE and Free Speech TV should be the FIRST FUCKING CHANNEL ON EVERY CABLE & SATELLITE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And oh how I'd like to take a hardback copy of her books, walk up to Mr. O'LIEly or one of his bastard sack of shit ilk, KERWACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! so hard it hurt MY arms-right up the motherfucker's skull, grab his ass by the lapels and say "YOU GODDAMN SON OF A BITCH, ANY OF IT SINK IN YOU SCUMBAG?!?!?!? THIS is REAL JOURNALISM you dickface piece of ROTTING PUS-OOZING FESTERING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Like BillO or a coward like him would have the balls to go to East Timor and stand up for people. If you aren't familiar with that, as I wasn't until a few hours ago, then go here:

Giving people who don't have a voice: THAT is was journalism is about. NOT FUCKING PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, a 3 year old can read this book, but it's still not "dumbed down" just in "plain english" and it's like GOD DAMN PEOPLE! WAKE THE FUCK UP! Democracy Now! was THE ONLY NATIONAL SHOW to stay on the air after 9/11 cuz their studios ARE LIKE 3 BLOCKS FROM THE WTC SITE! Can you fuckin imagine THAT?!
But no, won't see that in the "liberal" mainstream media. "AND TODAY ON CNN, MORE OJ, BRITNEY AND OTHER STUPID SHIT!" Oh eat my ASS!

Oh and STATIC is her newer book I got that on deck. So if I ain't online much, you'll know WHY!

Other stuff: Naomi was GREAT w/ Thom Hartmann yesterday. You can bank that'll be ANOTHER book I'll be recommending very soon!

2 days left of this horrid shit stupid season known as Summer! But not so you'd really notice it. Thankfully there's no global warming...NOT!

Well it looks like the CUNTS at CUM Channel are ONCE AGAIN saying FUCK YOU to the SILENCED Majority of Americans, and is flipping KLSD in San Diego to some bullshit that no one will listen to, yet another sports nerd jock sniffing shit station. Burn in fucking Hell you prick M. Lowrey Mays, you sack of putrid shit you. SIG HEIL Y'ALL.

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