Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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They always show up at the scene of the crime. President Bush made a surprise visit to Iraq yesterday…

In Iraq, Bush raised the possibility of future troop cuts.

Iraqi PM Maliki thinks that the Iraqi government is making progress.

Though Bush sees the “surge” working, the troop buildup has failed to promote national reconciliation.

The total number of Iraqi civilian deaths continues to rise.

Any success that the surge has shown is notably fragile.

Caught in yet another lie: letters contradict Bush’s version of the decision to disband the Iraqi army.

A new book called “Dead Certain: The Presidency of George Bush”, says that Karl Rove warned against Cheney as a running mate and objected to the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.

Some soldiers volunteer for duty in Iraq just to reduce crushing debt burdens. Hmmm… maybe Bush does have a plan.

Colin Powell used “DRAWINGS" with BIG SCARY ARROWS and labels saying “MUNITIONS BUNKER” “MOBILE LABORATORY" and now it's David Petraeus' turn to pull off another SNOW JOB IN THE DESERT.

Congress returns from summer break today with gloves up!

Sen. Larry Craig finally called it quits on Saturday. Here is Craig’s press conference.

Not everyone is glad to see Larry Craig leave. Sen. Arlen Specter is sending subtle signals that he wants Craig to stay.

WH Press Secretary Tony Snow’s last day will be September 14th.

Sorting through the mess: A Republican timeline of corruption in 2007.

The wheels are reportedly in motion on a plan for a US air strike against 1,200 targets in Iran.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is certain that the US will not attack Iran. He said his mathematical skills as an engineer and his faith in God bolster his conviction.

North Korea vows to end its nuclear program by the end of this year.

Despite North Korean claims to the contrary, the US says they remain on the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

John Edwards wins the backing of steelworker and mine worker unions.

The presidential race officially begins. Republicans are set to debate on Wednesday night in New Hampshire—except for Fred Thompson, who will be doing the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The Chinese are being accused of hacking into Pentagon computers.

A new program opens the borders to Mexican trucking companies. And you were worried about Chinese toothpaste.

A new book gives hints about what George Bush plans to do after his presidency.

The first female Beefeater takes her post guarding the Tower of London.

In a blow to GOP hopes for 2008, Republican Sen. John Warner of Virginia plans to retire.

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