Wednesday, September 5, 2007

From Randi's site

HOUR ONE GUEST: From, Mike Rogers.

Germany says it has broken up a terror plot to attack US installations there. (Lu note: OMFG! TERRA! TERRA! Please Big Gov't, take away MORE of my civil libertys and 'protect' if!)

President Bush says he sees signs of progress in Iraq on both the military and political fronts. No report on the color of the sky in his world. (Lu note: Jesus on a trailer hitch! He really IS out of his crack-smoking mind!!!)

Meanwhile, back on earth: A Congressional report paints a grim picture of the situation in Iraq.

The new GAO report on Iraq says the Iraqi's have met only 3 of the 18 benchmarks. Here is the GAO report.

Now Sen. Larry Craig is sending out signals that he’s reconsidering his resignation. Craig has hired a high-powered crisis management law team to help out.

Republicans have scandal at all levels. A pastor and North Carolina county commissioner has pleaded guilty to 6 counts of soliciting a prostitute. That’s sleaze at the grassroots.

Who is the most feared man on Capitol Hill? It’s the Gay Blogger!

John McCain calls a high school student a “little jerk” after he gets a question regarding his age. (Lu note: OH MY GOD, WHAT AN ASSHOLE! Jeez John, way to win people over huh?!)

Fred Thompson continues to run his still-unofficial campaign from the studio. He’s skipping tonight’s debate and appearing on Leno. And he’s running his first TV ad during the debate he’s skipping! (Lu note: WHO?)

Oprah wants to do more than host a fundraiser for Obama! (Lu note: WHAT EVVVER!)

Democrats are targeting Mitt Romney with the facts—at

Rep. Paul Gillmor (R-OH) passed away suddenly last night. (Lu note: Hmm, I wonder if he was "suicided" like Gary Webb from San Jose Mercury News who knew pretty much all there was to know about IRAN CONTRA? Lemme guess: 12 gunshots to the BACK of the head, right?)

When nuns call for your impeachment, maybe it’s time to go! (Lu note: I can hear the new repuke talking point now: "Why do these nums hate America? Why do they want the terraists to win?"

Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett is missing. (Lu note: WHO?!?!?)

Whoopie backs Michael Vick, saying that dog fighting is a cultural thing in the deep South. (Lu note: Thanks for throwing the majority of Southerners under the bus Whoopie...classy with a K.)

New York’s first publicly funded Arabic school opened yesterday. We have to replace those fired gay linguists somehow. (Lu note: LMFAO!)

Mattel recalls another 800,000 Chinese-made toys. (Lu note: Do you Walfart shoppers STILL wanna pay a dollar or 2 less still or just what in the HELL is it gonna take to get shit made IN THE US OF A AGAIN!?)

How Orwellian! New documents reveal that British intelligence monitored George Orwell. (Lu note: Why am I NOT suprised?!?!?)

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