Monday, September 10, 2007

To Hold Bush Accountable for Iraq, Democrats Should Listen to...Richard Nixon!

EXCELLENT CATCH FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Click Lyndon Johnson Has Been a Failed War Leader and open it in a new tab or window or whatever, cuz it's a fucking Flash file whatever and I can't just gank the MP3 link GRRRR!
Or if you are a glutton for punishment, you can try this:

We were listening to the Thom Hartmann Show on Air America on Friday, September 7, and were blown away when he played this tape of Richard Nixon at the 1968 Republican Convention speaking about Lyndon Johnson's failed Vietnam War.

It was a mind-boggling moment as we listened to the excerpt, because Nixon defined Johnson's losing effort in the way that the Democrats should be doing with Bush.

Do the Democratic leaders on the Hill have anything to learn from Richard Nixon? We'd be the last to think so, until we heard this tape.

We asked Thom Hartmann to write us a note setting up the short clip:

"An unpopular president [Johnson] was prosecuting an unpopular war, which was despised by more than half the American people. His political opponent [Nixon, although Nixon actually ran against Humphrey, Johnson's Vice-President] knew that the best way to take him down - and ultimately to take down his entire Party - was to simply say out loud what everybody knew to be true. To call out the President. To declare him and his war a failure. To call on the American people for truth and honesty in government, and an end to war. Here's a quick clip composite, sent along to us by a listener (I'm sorry, I don't remember whom) a year or so ago, of Richard Nixon at the 1968 Republican National Convention..."

-- Thom Hartmann in an e-mail to BuzzFlash

You must take a listen to this Nixon 1968 GOP Convention statement on Johnson's failure as a war leader. You simply must.

(Of course, Nixon lied about his "secret plan" to end the Vietnam War and expanded it into even more of a debacle, including precipitating the Khmer Rouge takeover of Cambodia as a result of Kissenger's rogue bombing of that nation. But that's another story.)

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