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Jerry Tenuto: Build A Safer Bridge

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Out Of The Blue
Monday, September 10, 2007
By Jerry Tenuto

Build A Safer Bridge

What has George W. Bush, Fearless Cheerleader-In-Chief, done for you lately?

Are the roads you drive on smooth and free of ruts or potholes?

Can you cross a bridge without cringing internally from trepidation that it might collapse?

Are you able to visit New Orleans and not shudder with disgust at the snail’s pace restoration?

(You might be one of the displaced hundreds of thousands who cannot return to your home after two long years.)

Can you fill the tank of your motor vehicle for less than $40?

Do you have more buying power now than during the last century?

Are you working more for less disposable income?

Do you still have a job?

(Bush apologists, usually millionaires, on the Right regularly recite the talking points that eight million jobs have been created since 2001. Bullocks! All that rhetoric means is most of the 12 million or so who have been booted from their livelihoods ran out of time to collect unemployment insurance; those who have found re-employment were often forced to take positions far below the stature and wage level of jobs they’d lost.)

Can you afford to take your family on a vacation to Disneyworld?

Can you afford any kind of substantial family vacation?

When was the last time you ate steak – real, quality cuts such as T-bone or prime sirloin?

How long has it been since you didn’t look over your shoulder to see if anyone was watching?

When did you last speak openly about your true feelings, lest the wrong ears hear your opinions?

How many children will get left behind due to imbecilic education programs endorsed by a "C" student (bearing in mind that this "C" was bought, not earned)?

How many more pot smokers have to be incarcerated simply for enjoying one of nature’s simple pleasures?

When will the nationwide crime statistics be significantly reduced?

How much of your tax contributions can you honestly say have gone to fix problems within the U.S?

How long before you can travel abroad without claiming to be Canadian for fear of reprisals from those who have grown to hate us through the madness of our Little Dictator?

How long before the Chicago Cubs win the World Series? (Oops! We can’t blame that on Lame Dubya, just the debacle that was Sammy Sosa.)

How many brave Americans have died or worse in Iraq and Afghanistan?

How many Iraqis and Afghanis have died or worse?

How long must we tolerate these insane policies of giving to the richest and taking from everyone else?

When will the truth come out regarding the complicity of this Regime Fascista with the events of Sept. 11, 2001?

The bottom line is that George W. Bush, Dark Lord the Dick Cheney, Herr Oberst (in absentia) Karl Rove, Condoliar Rice, "Gonzo" Gonzales, Paul "New World Order" Wolfowitz, Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld and the rest of the cabal never had any intention of actually doing anything for America or its citizens.

These schlemiels have destroyed our beautiful Nation; they have, since stealing the 2000 election, systematically torn our home to shreds.

Meanwhile, they’ve all grown rich beyond belief.

And now, King George XLIII himself has proclaimed that he shall become richer still after leaving the White House by charging exorbitant fees for speaking engagements.

That is, if he and Frost Lady Laura, Queen of Cerebral Stultification, ever move out of the White House…

I’ll grant that the U.S. Government has a long history of playing dirty pool around the Planet. That’s survival, yet it cannot be disputed that prior to Jan. 21, 2001, we had contributed more to World peace and prosperity than any other nation in history.

We’ve been told time and again by reliable sources that George W. Bush and his cronies are power-mad zealots of their own mindset.

They themselves have repeatedly told us that none of them give a damn what the majority of Americans want (Georgie re-iterated that numbing compunction just this past Labor Day with his pep rally in Iraq).

This schmuck has shown absolutely no willingness to work in concert with a legally-elected, opposition party Congress, regularly blaming Democrats for hindering progress.

George W. Bush doesn’t care one iota about the average person.

And all he’s ever done for you and me is lie, cheat, and kill innocents.

King George loves to quote former presidents, and compare his ever-expanding list of malfeasance to popular events in American history – he always cites occurrences even the least aware fourth grade student would know — twisted all out of skew for his own self-serving justification.

In the meantime, he’s trashed everything good about America while making life here a virtual nightmare.

"Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country."

We know Fearless Leader loves to make the leap that he is in the same league as John F. Kennedy, yet it’s impossible for this stubborn, addled Carpetbagger to live up to even the simplest of JFK’s suggestions.

What can we all do for our Country?

Insist that this illegal Regime Fascista be impeached… stop these blackguards now!

Immediately thereafter, shut down all U.S. operations in Iraq.

Then, let’s see to that George W. Bush and every one of those who have broken so many laws against our Constitution and mankind be sentenced to the long years in prison they all deserve!

Shalom, Dear Friend.

(Jerry Tenuto is an erstwhile Philosopher and sometime Educator. A veteran with seven years of service in the U.S. Army, he holds a BS and MA in Communications from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Depending upon your taste in political stew, you can either blame or thank Jerry for his weekly "Out Of The Blue" feature in The Lone Star Iconoclast. Visit his blog Blue State View at

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