Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MY take on Andrew Meyer!

Ok, let's all STOP, take a DEEEEEEP breath of *COUGH* not-so-fresh air...
Yeah, the kid was a bit asshat, BUT, that's not against the law, is it?! Especially given the depth of his questions, most notably references to SKULL AND BONES as well as BUSH IMPEACHMENT VS CLINTON IMPEACHMENT FOR A FUCKING BLOW JOB. Here's the deal, why couldn't the cops, well, rather the event staff, just cut his mic, and say "Ok, you are done, thank you, bye bye!" and if he persisted then "we will now as you to leave" and then if that's not good enough "Ok, we are calling the police" instead of just going absolutely gorilla-dick! Would that not be the more CIVILIZED THING TO DO!? Instead of IMMEDIATELY go to the FASCISTIC PSYCHO TACTICS?! Hey, sure, Andrew Meyer, is no doubt a shit-stirrer. Judge for yourselves. So?! But that's not the fucking POINT! Are we no longer as Americans allowed to ask HARD AND REAL questions of the FUCKING GODDAMN PEOPLE WHO'S SALARIES WE PAY?! AND WHOM REPRESENT US TO THE WORLD?! It is not like he walked up to Kerry, and gave him a nut-kick for fucks fucking sake, com'on!!!! (I could say something right not having any...)(And is has NOTHING to do with him pussying-out with not challenging the OBVIOUS OHIO 2004 ELECTION FRAUD...)(And no, it's nothing harmful...unless you consider "torture" forcing him to listen to the entire Michael Bolton catalogue followed by 900 hours of DEATH METAL for chickening out...)(Listen Sen. Kerry, you'd be a damn good president, and I love you in a hetero-sexual-platonic way, but BUTCH UP PLEASE!) Now, again, I am not saying this kid was without fault. But let's just say for argument's sake he IS mentally ill. SO THEN YOU HAVE A CASE OF COPS TASERING SOMEONE WHO IS MENTALLY ILL!!!!!!!!!!! The REAL issue is NOT what Andrew Meyer said. It's how these PIGS, and YES THEY ARE FUCKING PIGS, did NOT in any way shape or form act professionally. When you have someone FACE DOWN, OK FINE, HANDCUFF THEM! But to taser them repeatedly?! No. That is fucked up. Over-reacting. THAT is what this is about. And if I didn't say this good enough, go HERE:

And to quote from the above link:

Yes, he did jump to the front of the line to demand to ask Kerry a question, but Meyer was tasered because he wouldn't knuckle under to the authority of the cops. He wasn't a threat, he wasn't violent, he was trying to comply (although you try doing anything rational when you're on the ground with half a dozen cops on top of you, yelling at you and an auditorium of people yelling about, some laughing at, what's being done to you), and he still got tasered.

Our country is so devoid of actual dissent and activism, so filled with citizens cowed by cops and security of all sorts treating us like criminals, that stepping out of line in the smallest way or slightly breaking decorum now seems to deserve a smackdown. Acquiescence is not only expected. It will be enforced. And so many of us are willing to participate in the enforcement, rolling our eyes and laughing at those who would dare misbehave.

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