Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Democratic" Underground censorship

Not only is it goddamn near IMPOSSIBLE to navigate DU, the moderators have a steel rod up their ass that has a steel rod up its ass too! It's clearly obvious DU is infiltrated by anti-9/11-Truthers...who are most likely working for the DOD or some shitty Con "think tank". It's also due to this anti-9/11-Truth attitude at DU that is why *I* got banned! I only used to go there cuz it for a while was ok. But certainly not anymore. So kiss my dick DU! You act all high & might, like you're too-big-for-your-britches site is hot shit...sorry, you're just a cold turd!

"Do not post messages that give publicity to websites that have little purpose other than to smear, disrupt, or complain about Democratic Underground. Currently there are only three websites that fall into this category. Their addresses are not listed here because we do not wish to give them publicity. They are easily identified by their bizarre obsession with Democratic Underground."

Well damn! Now I'm only that much more curious as to what the other TWO sites are, and thus that much more motivated to FIND THEM AND PROMOTE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM AS WELL!

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