Saturday, September 15, 2007

More thoughts on Microshit and their goddamn sneaky update BULLSHIT

We can pretty much ASSume this stealth MicroSHAFT updates a day or 2 ago were nothing more than that republican-ran company grabbing their ankles and enjoying the Dept. of HOMOland SUCKurity (no offense to gay people) ramming their scally cocks nice and deep up their yinyang! Well, fine. Have fun monitoring me posting my blogs to the 3 or 4 people who read this, and me downloading hot sticky lesbian porn, and me ordering obscure CDs from amazon or whatever...have fun, enjoy being bored as fucking fuck!

But hey, how about for y'all cum-bubble slime at DHS, here's a few words for y'all:

Go ahead. TRY to take us out! WE ARE 75+% OF AMERICA! Gee, like THAT wouldn't be notice! You father-fucking shrimpers! Remember Obi Wan's words from Star Wars: "STRIKE ME DOWN AND YOU SHALL ONLY MAKE ME MORE POWERFUL!" And that holds true now! You sorry sad TERRORIST traitor cunts, going against every fucking single principle this country is founded upon! (Mind you, with land stolen from us red people! Don't worry, our ghosts will haunt you and torment you for eternity as well!) You can try, but you WILL FAIL! You WILL NOT STOP US! Cat is out of ye ol' bag! DUH! So you may as well just give the fuck up NOW, call it day, go home and cry like the pussy baby cowardly little sack of dried up dog turds that you are! So just keep that in mind you goddamn worthless bastard anus worts! I hope all of you child-molesters who spy on Americans have sever pain every time you even think of having an orgasm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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