Monday, September 24, 2007

Today's Randi headlines


Democratic strategist and writer for The Hill, Brent Budowsky.

US Military snipers in Iraq are "baiting" Iraqis.

On Friday, Republican Senators once again were able to block an amendment that would set a timeline for bringing home US troops. Here is how they voted.

The Iraq war is costing US taxpayers $500,000 a minute.

The war budget is expected to reach $200 billion for ’08.

Revolt of the Generals: Generals opposing the war in Iraq break with military tradition.

The Iranians say they are using satellites to monitor US troop movements, and that those troops are within their missile range.

Meanwhile, a secret US Air Force team has been reestablished to plan an Iran attack.

The US military feels that Iran is smuggling weapons into Iraq to use on US forces.

Back to "normal." Blackwater has been given the Ok to resume business in Iraq.

But Blackwater is expected to face criminal charges in Iraq within days.

The security company is also under investigation for smuggling weapons into Iraq.

Complaints against Blackwater have gone on for some time but the US took little action.

In a new book, Bush says that Hillary Clinton will win the Dem. nomination…but lose the election.

Hillary Clinton hit the Sunday talk show circuit talking health care, Iraq war and troop withdrawal.

Hillary wants to support the troops by "bringing them home."

The stars are out: Gore and Schwarzenegger are joining world leaders today at the UN Meeting on Global Warming.

A secret lobbying campaign has been launched by phone service providers to get Congress to wipe out lawsuits against them for their part in the warrantless wiretapping programs.

The left coast might have the right stuff as California is seeking a universal health care plan.

Saudi women want to drive!

The NY Times said that its discount price for the "Gen. Betray Us" ad was a mistake. said it was willing to pay full price.

Legendary mime Marcel Marceau is silenced at 84.

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