Thursday, September 13, 2007

Urgent! KLSD could be flipping anyway!!!!!!!!!!!
Is KLSD flipping anyway?

Aldous Tyler at NonStop Radio claims that KLSD (1360AM) in San Diego, which for the past few weeks has been the subject of rumors regarding a pending flip, will likely drop its moderately successful progressive talk format for sports, despite the strong show of support by listeners.

From his email:

At Monday, August 27th's rally, Program Director Cliff Albert confirmed that AM 1360 KLSD was being scheduled to flip from Progressive Talk. Today, news has come down that this flip is imminent, possibly as soon as Friday! Progressives and Liberals of San Diego aren't taking this lying down.

The rally was attended by hundreds of loyal listeners as well as Bree Walker and Jon Elliot, with Stacy Taylor broadcasting live from within the rally itself!


Make the fight more effective by going to now! There you can:

* Print out listener pledge sheets and sponsor pledge sheets for KLSD
* Join the SaveKLSD Yahoo Group
* Sign the petition to save KLSD
* Download the PDF flier for the Save KLSD Movement
* Fight back against negative media coverage
* Listen to the broadcast of Stacy Taylor's show from the rally, and watch a short documentary of it, and much more!

We need YOUR help today if we will stand any chance of saving San Diego's only Progressive Talk outlet! Visit right away!

Yours in the Cause,
Aldous Tyler,
NonStop Radio

UPDATE: There will be yet another rally for KLSD, this one scheduled for Friday morning (September 14) at 7:30AM local time. The location will be Clear Channel's San Diego offices. For more information, see NonStopRadio.

Concerned listeners can also sign a petition.

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