Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy 60th bday to the late great FREDDIE MERCURY!

Gone, and most certainly NOT forgotten. And damn how we miss you. I'll never forget that day. As if Freddie dying wasn't humongous blow, my poor dog died the day I found out, so rest your soul too! (BTW, if you are considering getting a collie for a pet, keep in mind they average 10 years...we'll miss you Diamond, one hell of a dog!)
But, I'll NOT end this post on a DOWN NOTE! FUCK THAT SHIT!
Thanks to the courage of Brian May & Roger Taylor, with a little help from Paul Rodgers, the show DOES go on!
A toast to QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I shouldn't say BOTTOMS UP huh!? :P Cheers!

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